Cleaning Up: Garbage Bin Ideas To Keep You Organised

Surprising Reasons to Get Rid of All That Junk in Your Home

If your home is very cluttered with old furniture that is not salvageable, electronics and small appliances in need of repair, clothes that are torn or stained, and other such things that make them good candidates for the trash, you might consider calling a junk removal service. You may be hesitant to let go of items, even things that are no longer useable by anyone, but note a few reasons why this might be a good idea for you.

Clutter equals stress

It's been said that clutter can actually create stress for you. How so? When you see anything in your home, your brain needs to process it and decide if it needs a response from you. You may not realize this is happening since the process is usually subconscious, but your mind is constantly noting everything in your surroundings to see if you need to take some type of action; in turn, clutter can make you feel guilty. You feel as if you "should" get rid of certain things, or "should" fix those items just sitting in the basement or backroom. Having a junk removal service take away all those useless things can then mean less guilt and less stress overall.

Pest infestation

You may not think that the junk in your home can be unsafe and unsanitary, but it might actually increase your home's risk of pest infestation. Mice often like to burrow into fabric to create a nest, so if your clutter includes old furniture, this can mean a new home for mice and even rats. Moths might get attracted to that mound of old clothes you have in a backroom, and then they may also start eating at your furniture or linens. Roaches like to find moisture and hydration, so if you have old cardboard boxes that are holding water, this can mean bugs in the home. To avoid these risks, you might consider just having everything removed so you can keep your home clean.

Bad memories

Some clutter might be from good times in your past, but sometimes you have items that have bad memories associated with them. That old furniture may be from before your divorce, or there may be gifts from people in your past you'd rather forget. You might even be avoiding going through all that clutter so you don't need to deal with those memories, but having a service simply take those items out of your house can mean taking those bad memories and past experiences with them!