Cleaning Up: Garbage Bin Ideas To Keep You Organised

3 Key Points to Consider Before Hiring Skip Bins

Skip bins give homeowners the opportunity to neatly dispose of their clutters. As a homeowner, you probably have to perform tasks like cooking that tend to create a lot of waste. With the introduction of garbage collection companies to dispose the waste, one needs to find ways to neatly keep the garbage as it awaits pick-up by the garbage collectors. This is the point where skip bins come in handy.

Highlighted below are three key points that will help you select the most suitable skip bins for your home rubbish removal needs.

Local area laws

Considering the impact of improper littering on the local environment, various municipalities have come with different laws on waste disposal. You will realize that in some towns, placing skip bins in visible areas, public areas and pathways is considered illegal. Thus, you need to hire a skip bin that will fit in your desired location, preferably backyard.

In addition, some local council laws demand that recycle and non-recyclable products be dumped in separate skip bins. Therefore, one needs to enquire about the existing laws before hiring a skip bin.


Imagine a situation where you hire a skip bin that never gets filled up by the time the garbage collectors come to empty it. It would have cost you more to hire the bin, yet, you never used it to maximum capacity. Therefore, the size of a skip is an important factor to consider. The size of the skip bin is directly related to the price; the larger the skip bin, the higher the prices.

Therefore, you need to consider the amount of garbage you dispose per cycle in order to get the right skip bin size. Consult your skip bin rental company to help you determine the right-size bins for your garbage disposal needs.

Storage Location

Finally, you need to have in mind the best storage location for the skip bin you intend to hire. Imagine passing by a house only to be pushed away by the strong stench of the skip bin on the front yard. Definitely, this is not what you would want to happen to you. For this reason, you need to determine a suitable location to store your skip bin. The location should be easily accessible yet far enough from the main house to avoid any stench. The skip bin should also be placed in a location where it can fit perfectly (e.g. don't force the containers to fit into a small corner because they are likely to get damaged).