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Tips to Help If You Have Too Much Rubbish for Your Skip

You are halfway through your project, and you've just realise your skip doesn't have enough room for the rest of your rubbish. This can be incredibly frustrating, but luckily, in most cases, there are ways you can fit more into your skip.

Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Shed the water weight.

If your skip is full of water, it won't hold as much as it should, and the water will also increase the weight of the skip. Look for a drain in the bottom of the skip. In most cases, these are located near the bottom corners of the skip, but if you cannot find yours, call the skip hire company and ask for help.

Once you find it, make sure the valve is open and that the drain is not blocked by leaves or debris. If the skip was waterlogged, you should be able to fit in more rubbish once the water has flowed out.

2. Take care of the big items first.

When you are loading a skip, you need to put the largest objects in first. This helps to maximize the space in your skip, and once you have in the large items, the small ones fit conveniently around it.

If you have trouble understanding why this would work, you can test out the theory using a jar, three relatively large stones and some gravel. If you put the gravel in first and fill the jar nearly to the top, the large stones don't fit, but if you put them in first, you will find that the same amount of gravel conveniently fits around them.

If you have already loaded your skip, you may need to unload and reload it keeping these principles in mind.

3. Break it up.

Don't break up your skip, but try breaking up any large objects before putting them in your skip. This helps them to take up less room. Have a sledge hammer on hand to break down large objects and a utility knife for breaking down boxes.

4. Compact it.

Never climb into a skip and jump up and down on top of the rubbish. This isn't safe. Metal or glass could cut you, and unfortunately, anyone passing by the skip could have added dangerous items such as used syringes to it.

However, if you are careful, there is a way to compact garbage relatively safely. Simply throw a piece of sturdy sheet metal into the bin. Then, compact your rubbish by pressing down on it. Contact a company like Binshoot Bin Hire for more information.